Jan & Jannike

Classy Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova & Blues

The two musicians Jannike-Linn (Vocals) (GER-SWE) and Jan Henrik (Guitar) (GER) create a unique and heart-warming sound.

Additionally to the pure sound of the duo, Jan and Jannike also create new ways to expand the sound possibilities of a standard duo by the use of multiple instruments such as melodica, voice, guitar, percussions and loop pedals.

With blues, pop, bossa nova and swing the audience is invited to go on a journey and follow the two musicians through sensitive and intimate arrangements that will leave a lasting impression on anyone listening!


Jan and Jannike have been performing together since 2012.

Both are experienced musicians and hold a degree in Jazz Performance (BA) from Newpark Music Centre/DCU Dublin, Ireland.

They are currently based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.